Acting for variety show

Actors of variety theatre are universal actors, capable of working in the circus, street theatre, puppet theatre, immersive theatre and TV shows. Graduates of this program are adept at such skills as clownery, pantomime, juggling and parody. Training takes place in the studio system, with each studio containing about 20 students. The program contains a great number of practical disciplines that stimulate scenic expressiveness of variety actors: Stage Movement (which includes fencing), Acrobatics, Stage Speech, Dance and individual and choral Singing. But the main discipline is Acting, held daily from mid-afternoon until late in the evening. Actors are taught how to direct themselves and create their own solo variety numbers. Eccentricity and the grotesque are the characteristic traits of actors working in this style. In addition to professional coursework, acting students receive an education in the humanities, with their program including such courses as History of World Theatre, History of Russian Theatre, Philosophy, History of Literature (Russian and International) and Art History (with lessons held in the Hermitage and Russian Museum) among many others.