Larisa Gracheva

Head of the Acting studio, head of the Master’s program

Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Psychophysiology for the actor's creative work,

Graduated from the Chair of Directing under G. A. Tovstonogov of the Saint-Petesrburg State Theatre Arts Academy in 1987, Gracheva has been teaching at the Institute since 1989. For many years, she has been associate professor and colleague of the professor Filshtinsky-studio, has founded the Laboratory of Psychophysiology for the actor's creative work at the Academy. Gracheva is author of several books for psychology, theory and practice of actor’s training. The Gracheva’s method, based on the combination of knowledge on biology, physiology and psycholinguistics, allocates the actor’s training to a separate subject by acting teaching. She is the director-teacher of the famous performances staged in the Academy My dear sisters, Uncle Vanya, Diary of a Madman. Larisa Gracheva and her graduted students founded the Social-Artistic Theatre(SHT Theatre) in 2016.