Admission for master program for 2019-2021: "Contemporary theatre and conceptual art"


Construction of the new theatre, the theatre of the future, can only be done on a solid base of knowledge of the theory of theatre and by applying theatre history.

This Master program has been designed specifically for international students, primarily from the Scandinaviаn countries. Students are assumed to have a Bachelors degree in theatre or another humanitarian program. The aim of this program is to study the progress and development of the modern theatre art, which gives the artist knowledge about the achievements of the Russian classical theatre school.

The duration of the program is four semesters (two academic years), with 2 on-site sessions per year, each session being 3 weeks. Outside of the sessions, studies are carried out online. Students work with prof. A. Nordström during the whole period of education.

During the first academic year students learn to understand the principles of the Method of Active Analysis and the etude form of rehearsing based on the ideas of Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and Michael Chekhov and also the practice of Russian directors of the second half of XX century such as Lubimov, Tovstonogov and Efros.

During second year of education students will learn how the methodologies of Russian theatre art of XX century coexist with modern forms of conceptual art and reciprocally enrich each other as well as expand their scope thanks to modern interactive expressive means and tools.

Training in practical disciplines is complemented by advanced study of cultural and theoretical disciplines taught by teachers of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. The Master’s degree requires a Master’s dissertation to be written in the final (fourth) semester, the dissertation is to methodologically expand upon one of the aspects of theatre creating process.

The principal study languages are Swedish and English. The program also includes studies of the Russian languages and Russian culture.

Admission auditions are held in St.Petersburg in early September, 2019
Start of studies in September, 2019
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