Erenburg Lev

Erenburg  Lev

Head of the Directing Studio

Head of the Directing studio.

Founder and artistic director of the Nebolshoi Drama Theatre, a state-subsidized theatre in St. Petersburg
·Laureate of the Golden Mask, Russia’s highest theatre award,
·Laureate of the Golden Spotlight, St. Petersburg’s highest theatre award,
·Participant and winner of various Russian and European festivals.

Has four university degrees, among them a medical one. Teaching since 1987. Worked with the Evgeny Arie Studio in Moscow (later the Gesher Theatre in Israel); the Finnish Drama Theatre (Petrozavodsk, Karelia), where he taught a course of actors and directors (class of 1992). He has been teaching at our institute since 1994 (Interstudio branch); his class of 1999 went on to form the basis of the Nebolshoi Drama Theatre.

Lev Erenburg, artistic director of the Nebolshoi Drama Theatre, instructor at RGISI:

I found my way to the Institute after having graduated from university, the Novosibirsk Theatre College and working there as an actor for two years. I came here as if to the Promised Land: that had to do with the fact that I wanted to get into Georgy Tovstonogov’s studio. When I was a student there were incredible instructors here.

Regularly conducts master classes in Russia and abroad (in Austria, Mexico, Italy, Poland, France, etc.)

Now Professor of Department of Directing,

Head of acting and directing studio at the Institute.

Since 2017 – head of master degree program for international students “Methods of performance staging”.

His main principle of theater pedagogy is the integrated teaching of acting and directing with a team of like-minded people – specialists in stage movement, scenic speech, musical education and theoretical theater disciplines.

Krasovskii is the director-teacher of the famous performances staged at the Institute: Anton Chekhov’s plays; “Decameron”, “Lion in the winter”, “The last cotillion”, “A sad story for cheerful people”.

Among the students of Krasovskii are famous actors and directors in Russia and abroad.

Ph.D. in History of Arts, researcher of the method of Vsevolod Meyerhold,

Ph.D. thesis on the subject «From the experience of theatrical pedagogy Meyerhold, 1905-1919»

Аuthor of publications: «The problems of studio pedagogy  (Meyerhold in the studio at Borodinskaya)», «The beginning of the professional theater school: the School of Acting Mastery (SHAM) and the Courses of Mastery of Stage Performances (Kurmastcep)».

Dean of faculty of Acting and Directing

Russian State Institute of Performing Arts

Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation