Shestakov Vladimir

Shestakov Vladimir

Head of the Directing Studio

Graduated from the Acting Faculty in 1972. From 1972 to 1975 worked as a soloist in the Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy in Sverdlovsk, performing over 30 roles in theatre, film and television during that time.

In 1979 graduated from the Directing Faculty of our institute. Worked in the Theatre of Musical Comedy in Ivanov; was Head Director of the Theatre of Musical Comedy of Stavropol (in Pyatigorsk), Head Director of the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia, General Manager of the unified Musical and Dramatic Theatre of Karelia. Throughout his work in various theatres in the country he has staged over a hundred musical, operatic and dramatic productions. Annually carries out various theatre projects (including tours) internationally (Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Germany, etc.) as well as in Russia.

Since 2001 resides in St. Petersburg, teaching in the Department of Variety and Musical Theatre. Master  of a studio for directing musical theatre.

Honorary Arts Worker of the Republic of Karelia.