Markarian Nadezhda

Markarian Nadezhda

Professor of the Foreign Art Chair Doctoral degree

Nadezhda Markarian graduated from Musical college named by Rimsky-Korsakov, (specialization “Music theory and history”), in 1977  and  from Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (specialization “Theatre critic”) in 1990.  She has been teaching in RGISI since 1991.

Nadezhda Markarian is the creator and chief editor of the magazine The treble clef (releases from 1996 till today).

The author of the idea and the broadcast (co-authored with Kirill Manzhula) of the radio project Algebra of sound on the radio station "Echo of Moscow in St. Petersburg".

She takes part in Russian and Foreign conferences.

Nadezhda Markarian is the author of articles in the American and Austrian scientific collections; participant of the scientific Symposium at the Salzburg Opera festival; participant of festivals in Poland and Germany as an opera and music critic.

Honorary member of the Berlin society named by Glinka.

Author of the book Who is chief in the opera? (Publisher: Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, 2016).