Creative Producing for Performing Arts

RGISI is the first institution of higher learning in Russia to prepare specialists in this field. The curriculum for the degree in Creative Producing has been made in such a way that students receive the opportunity to study basic economic disciplines as well as several in the arts and humanities. Leading instructors and practitioners impart future graduates with the necessary knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, fundraising, accounting and more. In addition, students attend lectures on the History of Theatre, Literature, Visual Art and Cinema. An important part of the curriculum are the annual production internships, which permit students to participate directly in the activities of performing arts organizations and to test out the knowledge they’ve acquired in lectures. Also, by studying alongside future actors, directors, designers and critics, students gain the ability to graduate not just with a degree but with useful connections in their future profession.

The final thesis project is an academic investigation of phenomena or processes in the art business, be they historic or based on a the student’s own project or practical experience.

Graduates of this faculty work in theatres, concert organizations, film, television, radio, circuses, government agencies, production agencies and institutions of higher learning, not just in Russia but throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. Many graduates run their own projects or start their own businesses.