Theatre Engineer, Production Technology

Students studying to become theatre engineers primarily receive the technical expertise necessary to clearly understand the inner workings of a production’s set and stage equipment, as well as all of the tasks required of a theatre’s technical department. However, they also have coursework in the humanities, which gives them a deeper understanding of the context of their work and provides them with the means of realizing their creative potential.

This degree program lasts 4 years and contains two internships: an introductory internship in the first year that gives students a general overview of how theatres are run and of professional terminology, and a production internship in the fourth year, during which students are given the opportunity to apply everything they have learned.

Thanks to the skills they acquire in draftsmanship (both by hand and using the latest software), graduates from this faculty have a high number of employment opportunities beyond the theatre. Our graduates can be found in Russia’s largest theatre and in well-known companies that offer drafting services.

Degree level: Bachelor’s (4 years)

Stage Costume Maker

Students on this track become acquainted with the history of the technology of creating stage costumes, learn to work with various materials, reconstruct historical costumes and also invent and bring to life absolutely new costumes, headwear and accessories. Students study not only composition, fabric painting and other subjects involved in this art, but acquire a vital skill for working in the theatre: the ability to create detailed documentation of the costumes in a production.

Graduates of this course can be found in many theatres (not just drama theatres, but opera, operetta and musical ones as well), as well as film studios, circuses and diverse shows. Many open their own business and take orders from different organizations and projects.

The program lasts 4 years (Bachelor’s degree-level). During the first three years the students undergo mandatory internships in a theatre (or, if they wish, in a film studio or circus).


Lighting Designer

The field of professional activity that the graduates of this program engage in is the design and organization of the lighting for a production. One aspect of this is technical work: developing and realizing the light score of a production in accordance with the director and set designer’s vision; drafting of the documentation of a production’s lighting score, either individually and/or with the help of a consultant, and handling the work of realizing the lighting score onstage. The other is managerial: organizing the development and realization of a production’s lighting score, running tech rehearsals, ensuring that lighting technicians closely follow the lighting score, safety and fire regulations and supervise those members of a theatre’s crew involved in a production’s lighting design as well as engineers who develop lighting equipment.

Graduates from this program can work not only in the theatre, but in the circus, concert organizations and equipment rental companies.

Degree level: Bachelor’s (4 years).